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Name: Dib. (The first moment I saw there was a Membrane, I just HAD to apply for Dib.)
Series: Invader Zim.
Physical Type: Homunculus.
Occupation: Researcher/Spy (there's an explanation behind this).
Driving Force: (Why your character has his/her occupation) Wants to prove the world of strange things such as the dreaded WereChimera and the rare BigfootHomunculus. Also has the desire to be human, and therefore helps satisfy that want by working for humans (without telling them that he's a Homunculus, of course). Lastly wants to find out his orgin, since he doesn't remember much, and figures he can find something through the military's resources. (In truth, Membrane caused his existence when trying to bring back a dead family member. But of course Dib doesn't know this yet.)
Age: Appears 10 or 11 and has an intellect of an older teen or young adult, but is really much younger than that (it wasn't long since he had been created, so say 3 years).
Biography: One of the youngest researchers on the team. He is strangely accepted into the researching department of the government even though he is just a kid, since he passed an acceptance test and is much smarter than other children his age. No one so far knows of his true identity as a homumculus, since his Ouroborus is printed on his back.